Friday, July 19, 2019

2008 Trail Ride Re-cap

The 2008 4th Annual BAHA Falling Leaves Trail Ride was held at the D Bar K Horse Riding Camp on the edge of Mammoth Cave National Park October 3-4-5.


Sixty plus BAHA members and friends took full advantage of the perfect weather to do what we all say we wish we had time to do, ride our horses for fun. 

Many started out early in the morning and came back to camp late in the day, while others took short rides coming back to camp to rest, visit with friends and saddling up and taking another short ride. 



It was a team effort when it came to putting the big BBQ dinner together this year. After the meal, many stayed and played bingo. Instead of numbers on the cards each square had the name of a horse that BAHA members have breed, owned and showed throughout the years. It was a wonderful tribute to some very special equine friends. There were very nice prizes for the winners and the grand prize was a 27” TV. Thanks to the Henderson’s of Firelight Arabians for all the work they did designing the cards!       

The winner of the trail course was Neil Henderson, who finished the course in one minute and twelve seconds with no faults. The horse riding ability of the Henderson ladies are well known but Neil has been keeping his talents hidden. Way to go Neil! If an award was given to the person who traveled the most distance to attend the trail ride, the award would have to go to BAHA member, Jenese Briegel’s mother, who made the trip from Iowa to be at the BAHA Falling Leaves Trail Ride.

Several camped out Saturday night and hit the trail again on Sunday.

It was a great weekend; make your plans to join us next year!



2008 Falling Leaves Trail Ride
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