Friday, July 19, 2019

2006 Falling Leaves Trail Ride!

On September 9th, BAHA held its Second Annual "Falling Leaves" Trail Ride! The Ride was held near Mammoth Cave, at Debbie King's Farm. Debbie was very gracious and welcomed us to their farm. Several members arrived on Friday night and had a fun evening of camping out together with their horses and friends! Saturday started early with lots of rides...even a ride or two through the caves!

BAHA raised $1300+ with proceeds going to WHAS Crusade for Children and the BAHA Youth Scholarship. We had around 35 horses attend, with 25 riders, and 15 nonriders who came just to join in on the Fun! 

Thank you again to everyone who attended and all of our sponsors!  BAHA had several riders bring in sponsorships to win prizes, as well individual sponsorships. Thank you to the Lockport 777 Masonic Lodge for your donation! We couldn't have done it without you! 

Jennifer Henderson was our overall grand prize winner! Jennifer brought in the most sponsorships, which won her a FREE pair of Ariat boots! Lindsay Jackson and Bill Jackson were runners up, both raising $100, which won them each FREE Leather halters. Thank you again Kentucky Horse Supply for your generous donations.

Stay tuned next year for a new and improved Falling Leaves Trail Ride...There is talk of a Team Scavenger Hunt and a Timed Trail Obstacle Course! We are also considering making it an option to stay Friday evening, with the ride taking place on Saturday and Sunday!

Above, Mary Ann Allen and her daughter, Laura. At right, Dr. Dave Stone and his Saddlebred mare, Robin.


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