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2008 Futurity Results

                                                            2008 Futurity Results              



                                                                                            Breeder                             Owner                                        Handler

Purebred Arabian Fillies - Yearlings
CH: Ochavia AAA                                                              Mary Ann Allen                    Mary Ann Allen                 Mary Ann Allen



Purebred Arabian Fillies - Two Years of Age
CH: Noble Essence                                                       Lorie Henderson          Lorie Henderson               Lorie Henderson
RS: Just Breezin' By                                                       Lorie Henderson          Lorie Henderson          Jennifer Henderson


Purebred Arabian Fillies - Three Years of Age
CH: Augustara Bey                                                        Claudia Duncan           Claudia Duncan                 Lorie Henderson
RS: Angylia                                                                      Rick Tosch                    Rick Tosch                          Rick  Tosch


Purebred Arabian Colts - Yearlings
CH: Diamonds Afire                                                     Lorie Henderson           Lorie Henderson        Lorie Henderson
RS: Psuper Psylk                                                          Billie Dunavent              Billie Dunavent            Joyce Ventruella
Top 5: Obviously Karismatic AAA                               Mary Ann Allen               Mary Ann Allen             Jennifer Tosch
Top 5: Ozibar AAA                                                          Mary Ann Allen               Mary Ann Allen            Mary Ann Allen


Purebred Arabian Colts - Two Years of Age
CH: Rodeo Road                                                          Rick Tosch                  David Stone                  Rick Tosch


Purebred Arabian Colts - Three Years of Age
No Entries


Half Arabian Fillies - Yearlings
CH: SRC Anastasia                                                      Stonehurst                  Stonehurst                  Natacha Lesburgueres
RS: Desperado's Nite Angel                                       Jill Robinson Bailey    Jill Robinson Bailey      Jill Robinson Bailey
Top 5: Caught Streakin'                                                Rebecca Reed            Rebecca Reed              Rebecca Reed


Half Arabian Fillies - Two Years of Age
CH: Viva Forever SRC                                                Stonehurst                       Stonehurst               Natacha Lesburgueres


Half Arabian Fillies - Three Years of Age
CH: Aladdin's Rising Fire                                        Stonehurst                        Stonehurst               Natacha Lesburgueres


Half Arabian Colts - Yearlings
No entries


Half Arabian Colts - Two Years of Age
CH: Formal Attire SRC                                             Stonehurst                       Stonehurst              Natacha Lesburgueres


Western Pleasure Futurity - 3 & 4 Years of Age
CH: Angylia                                                               Rick Tosch                     Rick Tosch                Martha Murdock


Hunter Pleasure Futurity - 3 & 4 Years of Age
CH: Tazzer                                                               Lorie Henderson             Lorie Henderson          Jennifer Henderson


Country Pleasure Maturity - 5 & 6 Years of Age
CH: Kharismatic Bey                                          William Jackson                 Jason Reed                Martha Murdock


Hunter Pleasure Maturity - 5 & 6 Years of Age
CH: I'm Mr Right SRC                                      Natacha Lesburgueres    Natacha Lesburgueres  Natacha Lesburgueres
RS: It's Just Too Cool                                     Elyse Sarai Nielson           Stonehurst                     Katie Pelphrey
Top 5:  Augustina Bey                                     Claudia Duncan                  Claudia Duncan          Lorie Henderson
Top 5: Yosemitee                                            Lorie Henderson                Lorie Henderson         Jennifer Henderson


Western Pleasure Maturity - 5 & 6 Years of Age

 CH: Sierra Midnite                                          Lorie Henderson              Lorie Henderson           Katherine Tate










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