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2020 BAHA Horse Show

THREE days of horse show fun! April 24 - 26, 2020

We'll be continuing lower entry fees for the open all breed show! More youth focused classes and a unique stick horse contest. Come and enjoy the exhibitor cookout on Friday night! 
Friday: Arabian/Half-Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle
Saturday: All Breed Open & Saddlebred Evening Session
Saturday: Arabian/Half-Arabian Sport Horse In Hand
Sunday: Arabian/Half-Arabian 
Region 14 Qualifier for Arabians & Half-Arabians! 
Louisville Qualifier! 
Earn KAFHS & KAHABA points! 
Sabina Chambers - Arabian & Half-Arabian Sport Horse
Kiira Harkins - Arabian & Half-Arabian Main Ring
Scott Gonyaw - All Breed Open 
 Kim Crumpler- Saddlebred


2020 BAHA Show Class Schedules Are Here!

The 2020 BAHA Show Class Schedules Are Here!

Please take a look at all the exciting classes we will be offering this year! Hope to see everyone there!

AHA Sport Horse Show - Friday and Saturday

AHA Main Ring Show - Sunday

Open All Breeds Show - Saturday

ASB Horse Show - Saturday


Current TBA's

Show Fees & All Inclusive Packages


Show Fees and All Inclusive Packages

2020 Show Fees

Open All Breed Show Only

All Pre-Entries: $15, All Post-Entries: $20
"Open Show All Inclusive Option #1, Showing out of a Stall" (Pre-Entries Only)
1. You get a stall, $50 value.
2. You get office fee, $10 value.
3. You get up to 4 classes, $60 value ($15 each).
4. Total value of $120.00 all for $100.00

"Open Show All Inclusive Option #2, Showing out of a Trailer" (Pre-Entries Only)
1. You get showing out of trailer fee, $25 value.
2. You get office fee, $10 value.
3. You get up to 5 classes, $75 value ($15 each).
4. Total value of $110.00 all for $100.00
ASB Show, All Arabian Sport Horse Show, All Arabian Show

Regular Class Pre-Entries: $18, Championship Class Pre-Entries: $20
Regular Class Post-Entries: $25, Championship Class Post-Entries: $30
General Show Information

Stalls: $50 per day or $90 for 2 days,
Office fee: $10 per entry, per Show.
Campers: $50 per hookup, per Day.
Showing out of a trailer: $25 per horse, per Day.


Corporate Sponsors


Trailer Parking & Showgrounds Map

Please review this map of the Shelbyville Fairgrounds.

It highlights where the show office is, and most importantly the correct entrance to use while trailering in.

Please use the western most entrance to the fairgrounds indicated on the map as "In" this will take you around the stalls, and into the trailer parking lot.


Show Fees

Class "A" Arabian/HA/AA & Open Horse Show Fees are reflected on the Open and Class A Entry Forms


Show Coordinator and Secretary Information

Show Coordinator : Rick Tosch 502-321-8986  Email

Show Secretary : Lori Henderson 502-558-1874 Email


Show Committee


Sponsorship and Advertising

Have a business or farm you'd like to advertise?

Why not be a sponsor at the 2020 BAHA Spring Blast?!!

We have different levels of Sponsorships for everyone!

Contact our Sponsor Chairpersons for information

 Contact Lisa Waits at  (502) 633-8998   

Carisa Patterson at (502) 235-5362

                            For Sponsorship Opportunities.



Stall Requests

For Stall Reservations*, Please contact

Neil or Lorie Henderson 502-477-1018 or at


Shavings will only be available if PRE-ORDERED

To Pre-Order Shavings for $7 a bag, please contact barn manager Neil Henderson.

*Stall reservations closed on April 15


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